1968 Mustang Coupe

2 Door Hard Top

Color:  Meadowlark Yellow

Interior:  Black Crinkle Vinyl & Black Kiwi Vinyl

Engine:  200ci 6cyl 115hp automatic


I purchased this car on July 20, 2002 from a man who was restoring it with his son.  They were the second owners and brought it to Florida from Mississippi about 2 years before.  His son started college and they ran out of funds and room to work on the car, so they decided to sell it.

I had been looking for a mustang for about 2 weeks but was having trouble finding financing from the banks.  I saw an ad in the Thrifty Nickel for a "1968 Mustang Coupe, 6 cylinder, automatic, air, body good shape, price $1800."  I thought I was seeing things, so I closed the paper, opened it again, and it still said "1968 for $1800".  So I decided to call.  He said the car had a solid body but it needed a paint job and the seats needed a little work.  He also told me that he had replaced the dash, instrument panel and the transmission.  The trunk had been refaced, so about 1/2 the body was primer.  I told him I wanted to come out and look at it the next day.

I called one of my Mustang friends, Bobby, who owns a 1968 Coupe that he has completely restored and usually wins 1st place trophies in the car shows.  He agreed to go with me to look at the car.  He was pleasantly surprised that the body of the car was in such good shape and at the asking price.

I decided to think about it overnight.  But I didn't have to think too hard.  I just scraped the money together and called the owner the next day to tell him that I wanted to buy it.  He was very accommodating about waiting a couple of days until I could pay him the entire balance. 

So, now I'm the proud owner of this beautiful car and I can't wait to get started restoring her.  The first items on my list, after insurance and title, is a thorough cleaning, new tires, a battery (I tried to crank it up today and the battery is dead), probably some tune up work, and exhaust work.  Then she should be ready to run.  Last, but not least, will be the paint.  I intend to keep the original color, Meadowlark Yellow, along with the black C stripe.

Update Nov '02:  Turns out there are 2 bent push rods.  So it looks like I may have to have the engine rebuilt.

Update Apr '03:  A wonderful mustang club friend installed an engine for me that used to be in his '66 Wimbledon White Convertible.

Update Aug '03:  Unfortunately, I have had to sell my mustang.  With the upcoming birth of my daughter, I'm just not able to continue the restoration of this beautiful mustang.   :(   The buyer is a friend from the mustang club and I know he will restore it properly and take good care of it.