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EDITED:  Just a note, this isn’t my daughter.  I was babysitting for the day.  I guess my post was just a little too “wordless”, lol.

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Yesterday, I posted my Wordless Wednesday photo, two pairs of snuggly toesies.  In all fairness, that sight is not a frequent occurrence around this household.  Only because I’m not the type that likes to have my feet touched.  But there is a reason why there were snuggly toes in the bed on Monday.

We have a 9 month old, thousand pound puppy.

This is her usual perch during the day.

We had a visitor over the weekend.

A 3-legged beagle named Lucky.

And this is where the poor puppy had to spend most of the weekend.

We were worried she would rip the beagle to shreds.

I don’t think we had anything to worry about.

He held his own.  This was one of the peaceful moments.  The puppy has a mighty scary bark and it echoes off the walls of the house.  So the 7 year old and I holed up in the bedroom on the far side of the house.

So that’s how we ended up like this.

Our company is gone now.  And the puppy can resume her usual perch on the couch.

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Come back tomorrow for Tell Me Thursday, and I’ll tell you why the cuddly feet.

This post was written to participate in Day 19 of the Blog Dare.

[Mission accomplished: Washed the dog]

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Keepin' Company Thursday

Hey ya’ll, Happy Thursday.  Today, I am participating in a Blog Hop called Keepin’ Company Thursday hosted by Traci at Traci66 and her sister, Terra at Heck of a Bunch.  I hope you will join me in finding some new blogs to follow, and maybe a hitch up a follower or two of my blog {smile/wink}.

* 1. Copy and Paste the ‘Keepin’ Company Thursday” button and write a blog post about it on your page, explaining to your blog followers how it works and how to join. (You can find the code the right side bars at Traci66 and on Heck of a Bunch).

* 2. Follow the first two blogs, which are the hostesses, Heck of a Bunch and Traci66. We will follow back.

* 3. Follow the “LUCKY” #3 spot winner.

For this hop to really work you’ll need to follow the ‘honor code’ and help us spread the word about Keepin’ Company Thursday.

*4. Go to as many blogs on the list as possible and follow them.

*5. Leave them a comment saying. “Hey! I’m a new follower from “Keepin’ Company Thursday” Check out my blog too! Thanks!” They should all follow you back because that’s what this is all about!

*6. If you get a follower via Keepin’ Company Thursday please follow them back.

*7. Add your blog name and the URL to your Keepin’ Company Thursday Post to the linky below

* You can also grab the code below to add to your post if you want the thumbnails to appear in your post.

How to get to be in the #3 spot

* If you add the Keepin’ Company button to your sidebar or post and leave either of the hostesses, Heck of a Bunch or Traci66, a comment letting us know where to find it we will randomly draw a blog to be in the #3 spot next week. We would really appreciate if you did this step so we can spread the word about Keepin’ Company Thursdays.

This week #3 spot goes to:
Peanut’s Mommy
A note from Ashley
Hi, Howdy and Hello! I am so ecstatic to have made the third spot for this week. My name is Ashley. I am a 25 year old mother of one, who will be four the beginning of the March. I work for a local nursing home as a registered nurse/ nursing supervisor. I love to get new followers and enjoy following new blogs. Feel free to leave a comment or many comments, all are welcome.

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Keepin’ Company Thursday Blog Hop Linky List

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Wednesday Edition

PHOTOS taken by my 6 year old

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Wow, the blogging world has changed in just a few short months.  I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog reading, and the blog hops and memes have exploded.  I love memes.  I wish I could sit and blog about the memes all day long.  Here are just a few that I have come across so far.

Follow Along Fridays

Follow Along Fridays
Hosted by Amber @ The Mom Road

Friendly Friday Follow
Hosted by Emma @ Toddler Awesome

Fun Follow Friday

Fun Follow Friday
Hosted by Stacie @ Simply Stacie
and  My Wee View

New Friend Friday

Hosted by The Girl Creative

Friday-Follow me.

Friday-Follow me.
Stephanie at Babes Rockin Mami,
Michelle at Mommy Loves Stilettos,
and Laura at Vodka Logic

Follow Me Fridays

Follow Me Fridays
Hosted by Tara @  Trendy Treehouse

Friday Blog Hop

Friday Blog Hop
Hosted by Home Grown Families
and Mama to 3 Blessings

Follow Me Friday

Follow Me Friday
Hosted by Still on the Verge

Blog Hop Friday

Blog Hop Friday
Hosted by My New Life as Mom

Flog Your blog Friday

Flog Your Blog Friday
Hosted by MummyTime

Friendly Friday
Hosted by Thanks Mail Carrier

Social Parade Follower Friday Blog Hop

Social Parade
Hosted by Smart and Trendy Moms

Follow Friday 40 and Over

Follow Friday 40 and Over
Hosted by Never Growing Old

Please note that my Google Friend Connect widget is currently not working. I apologize for the inconvenience. I can’t figure out what the problem is (if anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment).
Have a wonderful weekend!  I don’t plan on doing much except maybe participating in #TwagSale tomorrow and following new blogs.

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Welcome to Twitter Hop Thursday, hosted by Simply StacieThe King’s Court IV, Little Yaya’sReview Retreat and Moms Wear Your Tees!

Would you like more Twitter followers and be introduced to more neat blogs and businesses out there? Come and join us!!

1. Add your Twitter to the MckLinky (you only have to add it to one and it will appear on all).

2. Click on the Twitter for the six hostesses and follow each of them on Twitter. We will follow you back.

3. Follow as many people on Twitter as you like, but make sure to leave comments with links so they’ll know where to follow you!

Spread the word and add this MckLinky to your blog! Write your own post or copy and paste this one. Below the MckLinky box, you’ll see “Want to be a part of this Blog Hop? Click here for instructions and code….” Have fun Twitter-Hopping along!

The hostesses have selected a Twitterer of the Week from last week’s entries and the lucky winner is Lady Hill!!! She is in the #6 spot!  Next week’s winner will be chosen by the host from everyone who participated today.

Please only add your Twitter url. All other entries will be deleted. Thank you!!!

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