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I thought this was a fun writing prompt.  I have always believed I was born in the wrong era.  Don’t get me wrong, I love living in the USA.  I love all the comforts of electricity, inside plumbing, and having a Walmart just down the road.  Oh and don’t forget the automobile to get me back and forth to Walmart. 🙂  But there are times when I wish I lived in a different time period.

When I was a young girl, I used to spend many hours in the library reading.  Some of my favorite books to read were biographies.  Mostly biographies of pioneers and Indians and people who made this country great.

I mentioned in a previous post (In Ten Years) about where I wanted to be in ten years.  This kind of goes along those lines.  We, as a population, citizens of this country, habitants of this world, need to look more towards the future and where WE, the entire populace, are headed.  Bankruptcies, financial crashes, borrowing, losing jobs, foreclosures.  Pretty soon, we are all going to be living on the basics and nobody will be prepared.  Why?  Because we have taken our luxuries for granted.

I found this great resource for homeschooling at ThinkQuest.  It has some really good links about pioneers, their hardships, the life, the towns, and some famous pioneers.  I am definitely going to use this as part of our history for my daughter.  I think she will like it just as much as I loved reading about it when I was a girl.

Illustration courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management

I can’t say that I would want to wear long dresses like women pioneers did.  I’m going to have to go for comfort, so that’s one “luxury” I wouldn’t be able to live without.  But living off the land, preparing food from scratch, being self-sufficient is very appealing to me.  It may not be the most practical idea, but it’s one that I like.

I subscribe to an email newsletter called “Mother Earth News” and they have some really great articles about living wisely.  One of my favorite blogs to read on this site is called “Small Farm Chronicles“, it’s about a city girl and a country boy making a “homestead” for themselves.  She has some awesome recipe tips that I would love to try.

Oh, and here is another real time blog about an author who is a “pioneer” and writes about pioneer women.  You should check her out…  The Pioneer Woman.

I should really get my behind out of this recliner chair and put some of these ideas into action, instead of just writing about “wanting to do it”.


My “Day 5” of the 366 Days Blog Dare.

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postheadericon The Worst Advice Anyone Gave Me

The Blog Dare writing prompt for today was “The Worst Advice my mother/a mother gave me.”  I can’t say that my mother has ever given me bad advice.  At least one isn’t coming to me at the moment.

Here are some of the things that I have heard since my layoff from my job in September 2011:   “get a job that you like doing”, “think outside of the box”, “take a break”.   Those are all easier said than done and not my favorites.

But the one thing I’ve always hated someone, ANYONE telling me is that “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.”

Is that really advice?  Is that a platitude?  I don’t know.  I have struggled for 8 long years as a single parent of a child with a rare genetic disorder and I’ve had to deal with surgeries, eating issues, digestional issues, therapies, specialists, and the list just goes on.  It was no picnic, it wasn’t sheer joy, but it has had some rewards.

God tests us on a daily basis and he WILL give you more and more.  You either pass or you fail.  I have failed more than once, but I keep plugging along.

This is definitely a subject I have mixed feelings on at times.  Some days I resent what I have had to watch my child go through.  Most of the time, I am thankful she is a resilient, happy child and that we are in smoother waters now.

I’m not an advice giver, I’m a listener for my friends.  But I will give you this piece of advice, don’t ever tell someone that God doesn’t give them more than they can handle.  It really doesn’t make you feel any better.


My “Day 4” of the 366 Days Blog Dare.

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