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My Little Life

Five Question Friday for 2/26/10

I’m joining in a new meme today with Mama M. and friends on My Little Life.  Be sure to stop by and check it out.

Here are the questions:

1. Do you sing karaoke? If so, what is your go to song?
Nope.  I do not sing in public.  I’ll sing in the car when I’m by myself, at the top of my lungs sometimes, but never in front of a crowd.
2. What is your favorite coffee drink?
I’m not a coffee drinker.  I don’t know if it is because my mother used to drink coffee all the time and I couldn’t stand the smell of it.  The closest I come to a warm drink is hot chocolate.
3. If you could choose your own name, what would it be?
My parents named me Leah Karen, but I’ve always been called Karen for some reason.  I would probably have chosen to be called Leah.  But, I guess Karen suits me just fine.
4. Were you ever bullied?
Many times.  My maiden name is Ivey.  Aha…  I can see the wheels turning already.  If you can think of it, I was probably called it.  Of course, poison ivy, is the foremost choice.  That was in elementary school.  In Junior High and High School, I was bullied by the bigger boys, I guess because they were bored?  Dunno.  I always tried to be very unassuming and very quiet, I did not like to attract attention to myself.  But somehow, the boys wanted to pick on the girl who dressed differently and acted differently.
5. How often do you eat fast food?
As often as I can?  For years, I ate McDonald’s every day for dinner, sometimes twice a day.  Now, depending on the circumstances, I may eat fast food a couple times a month.  If I’m extremely busy and I’m out and about a lot, I eat it more often.  I crave it constantly, but I try to avoid it.

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Tinia's Tuesdays

Topic:  Gone But Not Forgotten


1.  Did you know anyone who died in the tragedy?

No, I did not know anyone who died on 9-11.

2.  Where were you when you learned what happened?

That morning, I was in a hotel room in Albuquerque getting dressed to go to my business unit office for training sessions.

3.  If you could say a little prayer to the victims and families, what would it be?

I wrote a poem a few days ago to feature on my blog.  I think that about sums it up for me.

Posted 2007-09-11 9:16:34 pm

postheadericon Tuesday Twosome

Tuesday Twosomes

Summer Lovin’ … and More


  1. What two things are you going to miss the most about summer.The warmth and the sunshine.

  2. What two things annoyed you the most about summer.The humidity and the flies.

  3. Name two memorable moments from this past summer.I don’t really have “2 memorable moments”, but this summer has been better than most.  I moved from Florida back to my hometown in Georgia in December 2006.  This summer I have been able to spend more time with my family and friends since 1994.

  4. Did you go on vacation this summer and if so, where?I didn’t take a vacation this year, but I did go to visit some friends in Tifton.

  5. Who has more fun during summer.  A child or an adult.  And why.A child.  This summer my daughter went on several field trips with her daycare group, and she went to a camp for special needs kids sponsored the school system.  I would say that she had a much better time this summer than I did.

a second meme this week

  1. Where were you 6 years ago?6 years ago, I was in a hotel room in Albuquerque preparing to attend training at one of our business offices.

  2. What two major emotions do you recall feeling?Shock and disbelief.

  3. Who were the first two people you called that day?My husband and my supervisor in Florida.

  4. What two words best describes that day for you?I don’t know that just 2 words can describe how I felt that day.  It as all a blur because I was attending training sessions with co-workers and was only catching bits and pieces of what was happening.

  5. What two major changes in your life has occurred since that day?My husband left me ( he is in the military).  I have no idea if what happened on 9-11 is what prompted him to decide to give up on our marriage.  We had had  a tough year, his 11 year old daughter had passed away in January 2001, and our marriage was slowly deteriorating.  The second major change in my life is totally unrelated to 9-11… I got pregnant and now have a beautiful daughter.  The change in my life due to 9-11 has been more patriotic, trying to show my love for my country, loyalty to my country, and to support our troops.

Posted 2007-09-11 9:07:21 pm

postheadericon 9-11 America Remembers

September 11: TAILS – Your reflections or recollections of the 9-11 terror attack.

9-11 American Remembrance

Our darkest tragedy
Our deepest fear
Our loved ones lost
Our burden to bear.

We now stand guard
Free, brave and tall
Sheer strength of will
We will not fall.

Our soldiers now in battle
With faith we pray
Their life they pledge
Kept safe each day.

We remember this time
With flags flying high
We keep the faith.
This nation shall not die!

© Karen ~Georgia Angel 9/6/07

Click here for more.

Posted 2007-09-11 9:01:28 am

postheadericon Crochet Afghan

We are American Angels,
We crochet, knit and sew.
This “heroghan” we have
Handmade for you
To honor the sacrifice
Of your loved one
And hopefully to comfort
And see you through
A difficult time of loss.


On the Loss of Your Loved One
People just can’t know the sorrow
That another has to bear,
But they can express their sympathy
And show how much they care…
So we’re sending this to tell you
That our thoughts are with you now,
And we hope just knowing that we care
Will comfort you somehow.

Credits for the square patterns:  I will post them if I fifnd them on the internet.

Each square in these afghans were made by 15 different ladies across the U.S.  I was honored to assemble these 2 ghans and deliver to families who have lost a military family member. 

Below is a picture of one of the squares that I have made for other “heroghans”.

Credit:  pattern based on the Lone Star square at Dayna’s Crochet.

 Click here to view other squares I have made.

For more information regarding American Angels, visit the following links:

Posted 2007-08-30 9:38:03 am

postheadericon Thank You for your Service

You serve our country
to protect our freedom
We are proud to call
you American Soldier
and wish to say
Thank You,
May God Bless You


Posted 2007-05-30 4:12:03 pm

postheadericon Crocheted Hearts – February 2007

Pattern credit:  Valentine Heart Fridgie at Crochet Memories.

I crocheted hearts to send in a valentine’s care package to deployed US troops in February 2007.  Attached was the tag below.

This little heart handmade for you, sends hugs and prayers for patriotism that's true.  Keep for yourself or send to a loved one as a reminder that Americans care and we support YOU!  May God bless you and yorus.


Posted 2007-05-29 3:02:16 pm

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