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Last month, I posted “Waiting for Test Results“, and today was my follow-up appointment.  Drum roll, please, the rest results are in…  negative for arthritis and lupus.  The doctor says, “I’m sorry to say this, but I think you have fibromyalgia.”  Well, doctor, the med you gave me didn’t work because I’m still in pain.  “Not at all?  Okay”, the doctor says, “I have something else I can give you”.  Oh goody.  So, he asks, “What else?”.  I say, “I have pain at the base of my spine, where the waist of my jeans rub against my skin.  It feels inflamed, swollen.”  It’s tender to the touch.  The doctor says, “Keep an eye on it, and if you develop a rash, let me know right away… that could be shingles.”  Oh yeah.  This is just getting better and better.  “What else?” he says.  You would have thought by now that I would just keep my flappy mouth shut, but nooooo, I have to mention the pain in my hip that was so bad I was limping.  “Hmmm, gobbledygook, gobbledygook”.  Huh, say that again?  He asked, “did it get better on it’s own?”  “Yes”, I say, “but I had to stay off of it”.  My doctor translation finally lit up, and understood what the gobbledygook was…  bursitis.  So, my visit was then complete.  Oh, wait, except for the “come back in 12 days” part.  I can take Alieve.  I’ve only been taking it at night and that really didn’t help much.  Sometimes a heating pad did more for me than actually taking anything.

I drive home, all the while, aware that every muscle, in my arms, legs and back were hurting.  I get home, and I’m exhausted.  I try to do some work on my laptop…  extreme pain in my right hand every time I touch the mouse.  Okay, it’s not shocking me, it’s not stabbing me.  It’s really annoying.  It’s really going to put a crimp in my personal computer time.  It’s already put a crimp in my volunteer/charity crochet work that I do.

I had originally planned to post a Tell Me Thursday today for my Wordless Wednesday photo yesterday.  But I’m too tired to do it.  Maybe I’ll do it next week.

So that’s my Thursday thadunk.  I’m off to take my meds and try to get some rest and hope that I wake up tomorrow with a brighter outlook.


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