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Hey ya’ll, I’m a little late getting started with the Blog Hop.  Seems like I’m always running late meeting up with my internet friends.  I want to thank Robin @ PENSIEVE for hosting the Blog Hop, for us bloggers that can’t attend BlogHer ’09 Annual Conference.  If any of you are following blogging friends at the conference on Twitter and Facebook, you know they are having a grand time and sharing all their adventures with those of us at home.  In the meantime, we at home are blog hopping to keep the spirit going.

As an introduction for myself, I’m 47 years old and a single mom of a 5 year old living in my hometown in Middle Georgia, USA.

Career – I’m an administrative assistant for a technology services company in Florida.  I am very fortunate to be able to telecommute.  When I learned that I was pregnant (at the age of 41, mind you) back in 2003, I was concerned about the health of my child, and approached my employer asking to consider the possiblity of working from home.  The company I work for is a Fortune 500 company, with over 40,000 employees world wide.  I did work in an office, getting dressed up every day, wearing makeup, having my hair styled, and my nails done, being the professional administrative type person.  The employees I supported worked in another location, so all of my tasks were basically via email and web applications and I visited them once a week n person.  When my daughter was born, the doctors discovered she had physical abornmalities and it took a good 3 months for them to diagnose her with Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome, a rare genetic muscuoskeletal disorder affecting one in a million babies.  At that time, my employer and I started serious dicusions about entering a telecommuting agreement.  I had been working for this company and for the same business unit for 8 years at that time, and had proven myself trustworthy and dependable, so my request was approved.  The arrangement worked out very well because  my little tiny daughter’s therapy and specialist schedule was quite busy and I could continue interacting with employees via email and web.  In 2006, I moved from Florida to my hometown in Georgia to be closer to my family, and my employer agreed to allow me to continue working from home.  The employees I support are easy going and pleasant to work with, and at the same time, I don’t have to deal with “office” politics.  The down side is that I no longer have face to face visits with the employees, and that I do kinda miss.

Family – I’m an only child, but I come from a very large extended family.  My daddy, who passed away in 1998 from colon cancer, had 12 brothers and sisters.  My mama is still living, and going strong at the age of 71, after 3 hip surgeries.  She had 10 brother and sisters.  Mama is the sole, full-time caretaker of her 82 year old widowed, childless sister, and I try to help her as much as I can.  I have a 21 year old son, Ted, who lives nearby.  I don’t see him as often as I would like, but I try not to invade his privacy.  I’m more of an “aunt” than a “mom” because his father and I divorced when he was barely 2 years old, and by mutual agreement, his father was the custodial parent.  Since I lived in Florida for almost 10 years, I didn’t see him very often.  Sometimes I don’t think we know each other very well, and that’s why I say I feel more of an “aunt” sometimes than a “mom”.  He has turned out to be a handsome, fine young man and I am very proud of him.  He works as an aircraft mechanic and seems to enjoy his job, but he works a lot, 6 days a week.  But he likes his money, and he is a conscientious hard worker.  Last night, we went out to eat dinner with him, and it was the first time in a very long time that we just sat around and just laughed and joked and had a really good time.  I enjoyed it.  It was an opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better.  I hope we have more of those moments together.  My 5 year old, well, she is my ball of energy.  She has a beautiful face, and a beautiful personality.  She is a little social butterfly.   When you see her the first time, you don’t notice anything, but when you take a second look that’s when you see that there is something slightly different about her face, or her hands, or her feet.  She is a delight some days, but an absolute terror on other days.  She thinks she rules the roost, but we all know who is really the top hog at the trough, that would be Me, the Mama, lol.   She is independent, strong willed, stubborn, and oh so very smart.  She really keeps me on my toes.

Home – I live in my hometown in Middle Georgia.  I’ve lived in this area all my life, except for the 10  years I lived near Fort Walton Beach, FL.  I loved it down there and I really miss it.  But being here at home with my family is more practical right now so that my daughter can know her brother and her grandmother.  I live in a 3 bedroom/2 bath home that I love.  I have a separate room for my office where I can close the door, either when I’m working or when I’m not working.  The rooms are large and it’s just right for my daughter and me.  I’m a horrible housekeeper, I don’t vacuum or mop regularly, and I really hate cleaning bathrooms.  I do have a secret desire to be a “homemaker” where I love to cook, and decorate my home, and keep it nice and sparkling clean, and to even entertain my friends on occasion.  But I still have to keep somewhat of a “child proof” home and after working and keeping up with a 5 year old, I have no energy for anything like that.  I’m always searching for the balance of keeping a home, taking care of a child, working full time, and having “me” time too.

Hobbies – I am interested in a variety of hobbies, and I’m always jumping from one thing to another.  I’ll get involved in one thing and neglect others.  Another balancing act… lol.  I love to read, mostly science fiction, crime mysteries, and sweet love stories.  When I was young, I was always at the library reading anything I could get my hands on.  Now I have to sneak in reading while sitting at the fast food drive thru, or in the bathroom,  or the doctor’s waiting room.  I also love to crochet.  For the past couple of years, I’ve been crocheting with a group called American Angels.  We make “heroghans” for the families of military members who have passed away  I also like to make afghans, laprobes, and baby blankets to donate for charity.   I also like to make anything to do with angels.  For a while, I was making angel christmas tree top decorations and antique angel jewelry.  I’ve also tried to indulge in a little photography.  I’m really not very good.  Some of my best shots I’ve taken, have been by accident.  I love to have little “photo shoots” with my daughter.  My biggest passion for the last several years has been web design & graphics, and more recently blogging.  I can spend all day on the computer, surfing the internet, reading blogs, keeping up with twitter, facebook and myspace, and the mom blog communities.  Some days I try to sneak in some activities during the work day, but most days I can’t wait for the end of the work time, so that I can sit with my laptop and just surf and read and play.  Since I really have no social life, the internet kind of gives me the connection with other people where I don’t have to sit face to face with someone.  Every now and then, I write a litte poetry when something comes to me.  I would like to sit down and write a short story one day, or a story about my life.  I could really tell some tales from my past that would probably shock some of the people that know me.

So that’s me, I’m very quiet, shy, and reserved.  On the other hand, I’m opinionated and stubborn.  I like to control all aspects of my life, and I stress and worry when things get out of control, which happens quite frequently.  I don’t like to ask for help, and it’s even worse for me to accept help from somebody when it is offered.  I’m a Christian, but my faith has been tried, and it seems I struggle daily to keep my faith.  I try to live a decent and non-complicated life.  I don’t like a lot of clutter or drama, but with my 5 year old…  that seems to be a daily or hourly thing.  I’m pretty much a homebody, just a country girl trying to be a good person and do the right thing.

I hope ya’ll come back to visit again and browse through some of my blog postings.  I love comments and I always try to visit those who leave comments.  Thanks for visiting and happy blog hopping to you!


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