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This month I’m going to try to blog every day, participating in NaBloPoMo.

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 The theme for this month is STRANGE(R).  I don’t know if I will blog every day on the theme, but I have had a thought running in my head all weekend, that was “strange” that I thought I would blog about, to kick off the month of March.

First, I want to say, that I pray for all the recent victims of the earthquake and tsunami events.  I lived in Northwest Florida for almost 10 years and I went through a few mild and a couple big hurricanes.  I was never in the situation of the recent events though and my heart goes out to them.

Now with that said…  I dream, and I dream a lot.  Most of it is nonsense stuff and I usually don’t remember any of it within minutes of waking up.  I only know that I had been dreaming, and dreaming hard.  Sometimes I wake up with these nagging feelings about someone that I had dreamed about.  It’s an odd feeling, and it kinda freaks me out a little.  The dreams are almost premonitions.  (DISCLAIMER:  I don’t claim to have premonitions.)  Mostly when that happens, I wake up fully alert and jumpy.

So, here’s the STRANGE part.  The part that has been running in my head all weekend.  I had a dream that an 8 foot wall of water was headed straight towards me.  I was standing on a sidewalk, next to a huge brick wall.  The wall was part of a building, and it seems there was some type of overhang.  I remember thinking I don’t have anything to hold on to and I’m not going to make it to safety.  I felt sluggish as if my feet wouldn’t move.   The picture of it in mind is just as vivid as if I dreamed it last night.  I don’t remember what night I dreamed it, but it was within the past week.

Strange, huh?

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