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Did you know it’s National Letter Writing Week?  I don’t even know what search I was on to come across this one.  But I did, and it got my curiosity going.  I used to love to write letters.  The most precious letter writing I ever did was to an American soldier in the Gulf War.  We were dating and he eventually became my husband (sadly, now my ex-husband).  I saved those letters for a very long time, but eventually I packed them away forever.

I don’t write letters any more.  In fact, I didn’t even send out Christmas cards this past year.  I just wasn’t in the holiday mood, I guess.  I prefer typing in a blog and communicating that way.  But I believe letter writing is a good way of recording history, of the present, and maybe of the future.  Every person should take the time to write a letter, to a loved one, to your child, to a deceased family member, or a stranger, or a friend from long ago.  It’s a good exercise to remember or to communicate things left unsaid.

I decided I wanted to find a little history of National Letter Writing Week and it took me forever to find anything.  I was just curious to see how long it had been around.  The following is the only reference I could find.

  • 1982 – The US Postal Service and the Balloon Federal of American sponsored a kick for National Letter Writing Week and to commemorate the 199th anniversary of the first modern-hot air balloon flight in Paris in 1783, as reported in The Union Democrat on September 20, 1982.  The balloons carried “spirit-lifting” letters written by those in the local area and placed in special blue envelopes.  The letters were then delivered to the local post office for delivery.  Local schools participated in the instruction of letter writing skills and attended an open house at the post office.

I am planning on handwriting a letter before the end of this week to send to a friend.  One of my friends somewhere out there will be getting a “surprise” in their mailbox, haha.  They will think I have gone mad.  Well, some already know that I’m crazy anyway.

I also signed up for a snail mail swap at Swap-bot and a postcard swap at Postcrossing.


Postcards Exchange

Why don’t you join me this week and write a letter to someone?

This post was written to participate in Day 11 of the Blog Dare.

[Mission accomplished: Finished my daily post before midnight, lol.]

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