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On to another one of my handmade adventures…  cards.  I have made several since February, and with each one I seem to be getting a little better.  I haven’t used any “official” card making techniques, nor have I searched for any online.  I just pick out some papers and embellishments at the craft store, then stick them in a box and go through when I am looking for something  to work with.


My latest project was for a Free Card Swap for the Card_Crafts Yahoo Group.  I received a beautiful card from Kathy O in NY.

This is a very lovely card with a lot of detail, and I was very worried I would not be able to match the beauty or the craftsmanship.  I love butterflies and this was a perfect card for me.

So, yesterday, I finished the card I was working on and I put it in the mail.

I think it turned out very nice.  I got the idea from a book called 175 Fresh Card Ideas by Kimber McGray.  It is from the top right card on the book cover below.  I bought this book at Hobby Lobby and it has a lot of great ideas in it.  I highly recommend it.


So, I hope Kathy likes the card I am sending her as much as I like the one she sent to me.

Check back again tomorrow to see what all I may have come up with.


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