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While we were getting ready for church this morning, my 7 year old daughter kept asking me if I was okay.  For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why she kept asking me that.  It finally dawned on me later in the morning…  I had “scrambled brains” today.

Last night, I carefully calculated what time I would have to get up this morning in order to get both of us dressed, fed and packed up for Sunday School and Church.  I have to do this every Saturday night.  You would think I would have this down pat by now, but it’s a ritual I go through every time I am planning on something.

This morning, I got up (after hitting the snooze a couple of times, which I did allow for in my “calculations”), showered and dressed.   Next it was my daughter’s turn, getting her to eat a small bowl of cereal took close to 20 minutes.  Then getting her dressed was not so smooth either.  She put her dress on backwards, so we had to start all over again.  And the repeated instructions of “brush your teeth and brush your hair” was getting old.

I felt like my eyes were so tired, like I didn’t get any sleep at all, but I know I did.  I thought I slept pretty good.  But I knew I was feeling sluggish.

So we hop in the car, and I think I am doing pretty good and keeping to my time schedule.  We were even leaving 15 minutes early.  YAY us!

After I get about 15-20 minutes away from home, I realized I forgot my Bible and my Sunday School Lesson Book.  I had Leah Rose’s, but I forgot mine.  Shucks.  Well, I decided not to turn around to go back and get it.

It takes me about 45 minutes to get to my church, and when I was 15 minutes out, I realized that the clock said 10:28 a.m.  My eyes got big and my jaw dropped.  We were going to miss Sunday School.  I should have left the house at 9:00, not 10:00.  Whooops!  My “calculations” were way off.  We got there just in time for “Coffee and Conversation”. :???:

So, I guess Leah had good reason to keep asking me if I was feeling okay this morning.  I was walking around with Scrambled Brains and she knew it.

I hope this doesn’t extend into tomorrow morning.  It’s the first day of school.  That’s all I need is to still be sleeping in when the bus arrives at our door at 8:00. :razz:  I have all my alarm clocks set, with allowances for “snooze” hits.  Bad habit, I know, but I have a very difficult time waking up in the mornings. :???:

Maybe I will have one of those mornings where I will hop right out of bed.  The excitement of having 8 hours to myself without the non-stop chatter of a 7 year old accompanying me everywhere I go, could be just enough incentive for me to jump up and shout “Hooray, let’s get this day going”.  :lol:


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