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 Tonight, as we were preparing for bed, our dog, Sara, decided to leave us a present on the floor.  Not an accident, she has been house trained for months.  I think the phrase I used was “Oh my word, she is puking”.  Not one of my favorite words and it just came out because I was startled.

I ran to go get some paper towels and a plastic bag to clean up with, and Leah is hollering “she’s puking again”.  The drama then ensued of flopping around and screaming.  I had to tell Leah to calm down, everything was fine, all we had to do was clean it up.

I shooed Sara out the door and finished cleaning up.  I was on my way to get the spray spot remover, when Leah said we need to pray for her.

Here is her prayer (I had to start it):

(me) “Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you tonight with our prayers…”

(Leah) “… for Sara.  She puked on the carpet and Mama cleaned it up.  Please heal her.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.”

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