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I originally wrote this for the Facebook Fans Exchange Forum on Mom Bloggers Club.  I’ve been visiting/liking a lot of fan pages lately that are fairly new, so I thought I would add this post to my blog.  I hope it is helpful to all those new fan pages out there.

Facebook states that “All Pages are eligible to claim usernames if they have more than 25 fans.”  Claiming your username for your fan page allows you to promote your page with a shorter URL.

For Example:

This will change your fan page link from looking like this……

To this…

1.  Go to:
{DO NOT change “username” to your user name, copy and paste the link just as it is}

You should see a link that says something like

“Set a username for your Pages”

I have 13 fan pages, so I had to select the page, then type in the user name I wanted.

2.  Then click “Check Availability”.

A message will display if the name is available or not.  Then just follow the instructions from there.

For more information, here is the Facebook Help Center page on “Usernames: Facebook Pages”!/help.php?page=900


and on “Usernames: Usernames”

I have a few fan pages in need of “likers” so that I can claim my username.  If you have a moment, and you are interested in the content, please stop by and like my page.

If you have any problems with claiming your username, leave a comment with your question and I will try to help you if I can.
And, if you are in need of a new follower, leave your fan page URL and I will stop by and “like” you.

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