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This is a blog dare post, that I had to fall over laughing about.  I hated my Junior High years, the 7th through the 9th grade.  What was I nervous about?  Being on my period.  Oh, and wearing contact lenses.

I hated starting my period.  The smell just drives me crazy and I was always worried everybody else could smell it too.  I was afraid I would be teased.  I was already being teased enough because I looked different than the other kids.   I had to start carrying around a pocketbook to keep my hygiene products in.  I was also afraid I was going to drop it and everything was going to roll out, scattering all over the floor.  Further cause for laughter from the other kids.

Even now, I still hate being on my period.  I hate it that other people might smell it.  I am kinda over the display of hygiene products accidentally, but hey, it’s part of life.  So is the smell, but it’s still gross.

I also hate it that I’m going to be 50 years old next month and I’m STILL having a period, heavy ones too.  They were almost non-existent 8 years ago when I got pregnant, and after my daughter was born, I was back to having them just as heavy and as awful as I did when I was in Junior High.

I am thankful though.  It doesn’t look like I’m going to be hitting menopause anytime soon.  HAH!

And I still can’t say “menstruation” to this day.


My “Day 3” of the 366 Days Blog Dare.

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