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If you came here looking for my 3x Thursday 3-19-09 post, or my Through My Eyes Friday 3-20-09 post, I have had to temporariliy take the posts down. Something happened to my blog yesterday (I think it was a server problem) and it is skewing my columns, so I’m removing the 2 posts to see if that will clear up the problem. If it does, I will repost the two memes and hope the format problem won’t return. If you visit my blog and see this announcement, I would appreciate a comment to let me know if you see 2 columns side by side, or if you only see the right hand column. The left column should start with a birthday google gadget. Thank you for your patience. Karen

UPDATED at 11:47 am:  I figured out the problem… yay.  It was a server problem, sort of.  I had included a weather widget from the weather channel in my 3x Thursday post, and I guess WordPress doesn’t like it, so I changed it to a Weather Underground sticker.   Whew!  Now everything looks the way it should.

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