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Menu Plan Monday

 This is my first time posting on the Menu Plan Monday.  Up until just recently, I usually didn’t cook a meal.  Sounds bad, being a single mom, however, my 5 year old daughter is such a finicky eater that we just went without.  I detest the idea of cooking something and spending an hour and a half trying to cajole her into taking at least a bite, or her not eating at all, and I’ve got this big huge mess to clean up, for nothing.  Well, over the past month or so, that has changed.  I can now convince her to eat almost all that I put on her plate.  It still takes at least an hour for her to get it all down, with all the high drama you can imagine….  fingers slooooowly reaching for food, examining each “small” piece carefully, tossing the hair out of the way, drinking a sip of juice, “gotta go potty”, wipe each finger slowly, wipe mouth slowly, cough, clear throat, “I’ve got 3 pieces left”. .. You name it, she has used it.   I have had renewed interest in cooking.  So far, her favorite has been a baked chicken & rice casserole.  I’m partipating in the Menu Plan Monday meme to try to keep up.

Monday…  well, no plan today…  I had leftover pizza and she had pancakes.

Tuesday… Slow Cooker Pepper Steak at, field peas, and dinner bread rolls.

Wednesday… Herb-Crusted Chicken Crock Pie at, sweet peas, and dinner bread rolls.

Thursday… Beef Stroganoff Casserole at, corn, and dinner bread rolls.

Friday & Saturday…  We may go out on Friday & Saturday because Saturday is my birthday.  I’m planning on celebrating all weekend long!

Sunday – Leftovers

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