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 13 Things About an Aries

Last Saturday was my birthday and I’m an Aries (if you haven’t figured that out by my blog description already :grin:).  So here is my list of 13 things about an Aries that I consider to be true about myself.

 1.  Blunt and to the point
 2.  Leaders of the pack
 3.  Bold, aggressive and courageous
 4.  Do not lack energy or vitality
  5.  Independent and  may be construed as arrogant and domineering
  6.  Will have the last word
  7.  Strength is initiative, courage and determination
 8.  Impulsive
 9.  Passion and anger are a part of everyday life
10.  Leads with the head
11.  Does not respond well to threats and criticism
12.  Seeks success and respect
13.  Maintains high standards for self

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