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I must be out of my mind.  I want to blog every day for a month, the month of June, that is.  And it’s starting off with a bang.  My 5 year old daughter is scheduled to have an abscessed tooth pulled under anesthesia on June 2.  Oh, it’s a piece of cake, you say?  Well, it is if you don’t have a syndrome that causes muscle contractures and a potential fatal reaction to the anesthesia, or malignant hyperthermia.  She’s had 8 surgeries so far, only one with airway complications not related to the anesthesia itself, and every time I worry myself to death the night before.  Of course, it’s not helping that she is already scheduled for more dental surgery in October too.   So that’s how I’m starting off the month of June.  This is the first week of the summer school break, so my planned activities will have to be on hold for a few days.  And of course, when we went for our ENT follow-up today…  hey, it’s time for the permanent ear tubes to come out, how about December?  Oh joy.

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I am also joining Harriet B at I Am Harriet in the June Comment Challenge.   So be sure to leave me a comment and I’ll come by to leave a comment for you, or come on over and join us in the challenge. 


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