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It’s my Birthday! And I’m 50! Really? I’m half a decade old. Yuck! That sounds horrible. But truthfully, I don’t feel old (or at least most of the time I don’t) and I’m told often that I don’t look like I’m 50. Well, I have a 24 year old son, I call him my Handsome Prince, and I have an 8 year old daughter, my Princess in Training. I’ve been twice divorced and I’m still in the honeymoon phase of my third marriage. [You’re a keeper, my beautiful, handsome husband, love ya]. I’ve worked in all different types of places, and have only been laid off a job once and that was last year in September. It’s been a so-so life, but I intend to make the most of my next 50 years, well at least the next 25. I don’t know if I’ll make it to 100, but who knows? It runs in my family. My mother will be 75 in August this year and she is still kicking and going strong.

I have thought a lot lately about turning 50. My birthdays usually just pass me by with dinner with my family, but this year I think this is going to be a special day for me. Then, of course, silly me, I agreed to “work” on my birthday. What was I thinking? Only because I have this really cute doctor I’m working for that needs my help. Geez, I’m such a softie. Anyway, my daughter asks what do I want for my birthday. I always answer her “peace and quiet”, whether it’s for Christmas, or for anything. Here is my top 5 things I want for my birthday this year.

1. A sweet hug and kiss from my daughter.

2. A big hug and kiss from my husband.

3. A second birthday phone call from my mother (yeah, she called me yesterday to wish me happy birthday, gotta love her!)

4. A birthday text from my son and/or his girlfriend. I accept texts from her in corresponding with my son, lol. Weird, I know.

5. A beautiful day.

That’s all I ask for. God has given me some beautiful days recently and I have thanked Him for every one. Each day has been more beautiful than the day before. I feel very blessed and can only hope that my next 25+ years will be just as blessed.

So, what am I really getting for my birthday? My beautiful, handsome Husband is taking me to Warm Springs/Callaway Gardens for 6 days. A vacation! I haven’t had a real vacation where I didn’t have to drive, cart around kids/kidstuff, mothers, and what have you, in I don’t know when. It has been a VERY long time. I’m really excited about it. Just a chance to get away and ease off some of the stress and worry I’ve had for the past six months. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a belated honeymoon? Heehee. It’s a great time to be 50 years old, married and in love.

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