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I am a creature of habit.  I have to be.  Or, when it comes later in the day, I’ll wonder… did I brush my teeth?  Or did I put on deoderant?  When you get old the forgetfulness just takes over.  Anyway, I have to do things in a certain order every day to ensure that I have done it.  I’m a slow riser, and I always dread getting up.  And don’t speak to me before 10 am in the morning, or all you will get from me is probably just a grunt while I’m hooked up to the IV line with Dr. Pepper pumping in as fast as it will go.

I get up, bathe (and I bathe myself in the same order every time — I can stand in there for 5 minutes trying to remember what I’m supposed to be doing if I do anything out of order).  I wash my face, brush my teeth, and dress.  In that exact order.  I wake up the 7 year old, fix her breakfast and her lunch.  Now, Leah, she can bounce up out of the bed all chirpy and happy and talking non-stop.  Ugh!  I can see cheerleading in her future one day.  It’s a painful process for me to go through.  I take my meds, she takes her vitamins.  She eats, brushes her teeth, and gets dressed.  She puts away her dirty clothes, then we get her backpack together for school.

That is pretty much our routine.  Two things that could throw off my day…  no Dr. Pepper (which I’m going to experience tomorrow morning on the first day back to school) and doing something out of order.

Once I talked to the pediatrician that the 7 year old might be a little OCD.  Everything has to be “in order”… the order in which we are doing our activities for the day, the order in which she plays, etc.  The doctor told me not to worry about it unless she started to wash her hands repeatedly for no reason, or something like that.

But now that I look at it, she gets that “I gotta have a routine” routine from me. LOL.

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