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postheadericon Happy New Year 2011


All day yesterday, I had the best of intentions to sit down and prepare my first 2011 post for the Bloggy Moms Blog Dare and Daily Post Challenges. Sadly to say, there was never a chance to really sit down at my computer and put my swirling thoughts into a cohesive sentence, much less a post. It is now just after midnight, my neighbors as usual, are firing up the bottle rockets, and I’m sitting in my bed, cozy, toasty, and…. alone. I’ve been abandoned, the dog and the daughter are out in la-la land and not even twitchin’ over the noise.

I do know one thing, I was resisting even mentioning one new year resolution. I was bound and determined I was not going to put down anything in words that even resembled a goal for the new year. Of course, if you read my post yesterday on A Mission A Day, you are probably scratching your head going, wha?  Yes, I did mention that I wanted to record something at the end of each day that refreshed my strength and faith to keep going, to willingly put my next foot forward.

So, with that being said, yeah, I do have a few things I would like to try to accomplish…. in no particular order.

  1. Read the entire Bible from cover to cover before the end of the year.
  2. Read at least 10 books during 2011, any book, probably science fiction, with maybe a few devotional books in between.
  3. Be a better parent and role model during 2011.
  4. Be diligent in prayer and praise and thanksgiving each day.
  5. Be smarter about saving money and train myself to be more frugal.
  6. Blog every day and Take a Photo every day.
  7. Be a part of my online friends lives and make new friends, and to be more aware of and a part of my Real World Friends
  8. Comment daily on at least 1 blog, preferably 5, but 1 will do.
  9. See the humor, experience the joy, and live each day to the fullest.
  10. Try to prepare more nutritional meals and stay healthy.
  11. Faithfully believe that God provides, he heals, and he protects.
  12. Be prepared to say in December 2011… Mission Accomplished.

As I’m finishing this list, I’m trying to think of what were my accomplishments for 2010.  I was delightfully surprised to realize that I had come up with a few…

  1. I believe that I became a better parent during 2010.  I think it was due more to the communication between me and my daughter was much easier since hers had improved greatly, but still, it seemed to be a little easier this past year.
  2. I joined a church and my daughter was baptized.
  3. I celebrated at least one “miracle” during 2009.
  4. I survived a trip and fall.
  5. I recognized a Moment of Happiness.

So here’s to finding more moments of happiness, living out my mission, making new friends, and growing in my faith and prayer.

I hope that you and yours have a successful New Year.  May God bless you richly, keep you safe from all harm, and shower you with love and favor. Pray for me and mine, and I will pray for you and yours.

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postheadericon A Tear for the Day, A Smile for the Memory


Bittersweet, that’s how I feel today. I don’t always think of my Daddy as a veteran because he wasn’t actually IN a war. He never spoke of his experiences aboard the U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt, where he served during 1946 to 1949. My Mama tells me that the only thing he spoke of was the destruction and devastation of the things he saw. I used to listen to him talk for hours and hours, but not once did he ever mention his service to his country. I know he wasn’t ashamed of his time that he was in the Navy. He always had a flag flying in the front of the house, and in his later years, he wanted to visit the F.D.R. and discovered that it had been decommissioned. Today, however, I do think of Daddy as a veteran. He served his country, proudly and solidly. Being in the Navy pointed his life in the direction of 35 years working in Civil Service for the DoD.

In remembering Daddy today, I also remember all the veterans of the Armed Forces, those long dead, those recently passed, and those still serving.  I have a red, white, and blue ribbon on the rear view mirror of m car, and I display a flag sticker on my car.  Both are a little faded, but they symbolize my pride in my country, for what we believe in, and for those who fight for our pride and for what we believe in.

“We should honor veterans because of the bravery and courage they have shown. We should honor veterans because they fight for the freedoms that American’s enjoy, so that American’s can live in a democracy and be confident in their safety.”

One of my favorite quotes is about the Soldier.

It’s the Soldier, not the reporter
who has given us the freedom of the press.

It’s the Soldier, not the poet,
who has given us the freedom of speech.

It’s the Soldier, not the politicians
that ensures our right to Life, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

It’s the Soldier who salutes the flag,
who serves beneath the flag,
and whose coffin is draped by the flag..”

So today, my flag flies for Daddy, and all the other Veterans, wherever they are.

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postheadericon Happy Independence Day


Today has been a very quiet day.  We’ve just been lazing around, not doing much of anything.  I’ve been catching up on some of my computer time since we have been in and out so much over the past several days.

Friday night, I made a spur of the moment decision to go watch the fireworks.  Quite frankly, I hate the noise of fireworks.  I always have.  I remember going to the Plaza with my mom, my best friend and her parents.  We all rode in the same car.  I would cower in the back of the car, petrified of the noise.

Every year, the Band of the Air Force Reserve plays at the local Stadium to celebrate July 4th.  This year, Diamond Rio, played too.  Cost to attend the concert?  FREE.  Did I go?  NO.  I stay away from the big crowds.

But, I did find a nice little spot away from the crowd.  When I got there, there were about 25 cars already there, but it wasn’t crowded.  I found us a little spot out of the way, and sat back hoping that I had made a wise decision.  Leah has only seen fireworks once and it was rainy and cold that night.  I fixed her up a spot in the back of the Explorer with a soft blanket and she had her nintendo game to keep her occupied.  I set up my camera and tripod, checked the settings, and made sure the camera remote was easy to find in the dark.  I’ve never taken fireworks photos before, so I was excited at the opportunity to be able to try it out.

Leah kept asking every, as children usually do, “Is it dark enough yet for the fireworks?”  “Have they started yet?”  Well, wouldn’t you know it, she passed out before the fireworks started.

Fireworks July 2, 2010

I had to wake Leah up.  She roused up long enough to say “pretty” and then passed back out again.  So I just sat by myself and happily clicked away at the camera.

Fireworks July 2, 2010

So, all in all, my photos turned out pretty good.  Two things, I was parked right under power lines, so you can see a black streak on the left, and the fireworks were just above the tree line, so some of the displays were cut off on the bottom.

But the big thing I liked the best, I didn’t have to hear the noise.  It was a very faintly muted pop.  That suited me just fine.

Fireworks July 2010

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postheadericon Happy Memorial Day


Memorial Day 2009 

 Remembering all the veterans

who have gone before

Remember all the military

who are serving now.

Hope you have had a safe and “memorable” holiday.



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postheadericon Administrative Professional’s Day


Last Wednesday, 4/22/09, was Administrative Professional’s Day, and I received an gift card from my supervisors.  I had almost forgotten it was my “special” day.  Which is ironic, since I used to start dropping hints to my boss years ago before Secretary’s week.  He was notorious for forgetting things.  That was back when it was still called “Secretary’s Day”, but I would always loftily insist that I’m not a secretary, I’m an Administrative Assistant.  BIG difference, in my opinion.  When it changed to “Administrative Professional’s Week” in 2000, I couldn’t play my little attitude anymore.  Then I started forgetting about the “occasion” and didn’t drop big hints about it anymore.

I was totally surprised when I received my gift card notification email last week, but very flattered that my bosses had remembered me this year.  I immediately knew what I wanted to spend it on and headed on over to Amazon to place my order.

Several weeks ago, I posted a “to do” list, and one of the items on the list was to design a wordpress blog theme.  I modified 2 themes.  The first one is my blog for my daughter, My Leah Rose – Princess in Training.




My Leah Rose Blog screenshot

I modified the “Setouchi” theme designed by Ohmiya, and I think it looks so much better than my previous theme.  However, there is still one problem with it.  It’s not centered horizontally on the page.  I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong.  This is also similar to my very neglected Heart of the Holidays blog, and that one is working just fine.  It’s a complete mystery.

Then I modified my current Georgia Angel blog (which is based on The Manor Theme by Gitar), using a beach photo I took back in February.  I really like the way it turned out, but again, I’ve got a slight problem with the left sidebar lining up properly.


 I went to the local Books-A-Million store, but they didn’t have anything on the shelf that was helpful.  I checked online and came across WordPress Theme Design by Tessa Blakeley Silver.  Some of the reviews weren’t very hopeful about the content of the book, so I decided to think about it a while.  When I got the Amazon gift card, I didn’t think about it any longer.  These are the 4 books I purchased.


 I received them on Saturday, but I haven’t really had time to sit down and go through them yet.  I’ve read the introduction chapter of the WordPress Theme Design book, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

I already have these 2 books, so I should be good to go now with a good resource library to trouble shoot my design problems, I hope.


Happy Administrative Professionals Week to me!  And to all Professionals!


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postheadericon My 47th Birthday


 Yesterday was my 47th birthday and I have to admit it was one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a very long time.  The weather outside was rainy and dreary but I didn’t let it dampen my spirits any at all.  When I got out of the shower, my 5 year old was standing in the bathroom waving a card and saying “Happy Birthday, Mama”.  She wanted me to open the card
right away, but I had to beg for a little time to put my clothes on first.

 Happy Birthday Mamama

Then she tells me she has to go out in the garage to get my present.  This is what she came back with.  The silly goose picked out a bunny rabbit just like hers.  My friend took her out shopping last Thursday evening, and this is what she insisted that I would like most.  The bunny looks mad, but at least I can tell him apart from hers.  Notice the Hobby Lobby gift card?  Thank goodness.

Happy Birthday Mom!

We decided to brave the bad weather and took Leah Rose to the Spring Fling at her preschool.  She had a grand time which you can see here.  We got there just after it started at 10 am
and left just before 1:00.

After we left the school, we dropped Leah off at my mother’s and went to go see “Race to Witch Mountain”.  I thought it was a cute movie with a very simple plot.  In my opinion, it was very entertaining.  When the movie was over, we met Mama, Leah and my son, Ted, at Longhorn’s Steakhouse, my favorite restaurant.  As a general rule, I detest being sung happy birthday to at the restaurants, but Longhorn has a short, sweet birthday lyric and it was over very quickly and quite painless.  Mama brought me a cake, I think it was an Irish Creme Cake.  We forgot to light the candles though, so here’s a picture of the half-eaten cake.  My daughter was highly upset that we forgot to light the candles.

Half Eaten Birthday Cake

I really enjoyed being with my son.  We’ve always had a very quiet relationship, not really talking much.  He’s very quiet by nature, and he gets that honestly from me.  Last night we had a good time joking and laughing.  I am happy to see him starting to open up more and it’s always good to hear him laugh.  This is the first picture we’ve had taken together
since he graduated from high school a few years ago.

 My son, Ted, and Me

I loved my birthday gifts.  I got a new camera tripod and a MyPlace station for my laptop.  Oh, and another Hobby Lobby gift card.  A girl couldn’t ask for more.



Thanks to my family and loved ones for spending the day with me and making my birthday very special.

I would like to share some old photos and things that I found recently.  This is me as a baby and birth announcements that my mother was sketching.




Here is a picture from my 9th birthday party with my closest friends and family.


Oh, and the bad weather?  Mama had a pond in her yard.  The local rivers have been under flood warnings all weekend and is predicted to continue until Thursday morning.  Rain isn’t forecast again until Thursday.



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