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 Tonight, as we were preparing for bed, our dog, Sara, decided to leave us a present on the floor.  Not an accident, she has been house trained for months.  I think the phrase I used was “Oh my word, she is puking”.  Not one of my favorite words and it just came out because I was startled.

I ran to go get some paper towels and a plastic bag to clean up with, and Leah is hollering “she’s puking again”.  The drama then ensued of flopping around and screaming.  I had to tell Leah to calm down, everything was fine, all we had to do was clean it up.

I shooed Sara out the door and finished cleaning up.  I was on my way to get the spray spot remover, when Leah said we need to pray for her.

Here is her prayer (I had to start it):

(me) “Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you tonight with our prayers…”

(Leah) “… for Sara.  She puked on the carpet and Mama cleaned it up.  Please heal her.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.”

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postheadericon Christmas Miracle

What?  A Christmas miracle, you say?  Shouldn’t this have been posted a few weeks ago?  Well, yes, but you know how sometimes things happen, and you don’t really focus on it until a while later?  That’s what happened to me.   December was a very hard month for me.  Both my daughter and my mother had 2-3 surgeries each since July, and I had numerous doctor’s visits for myself.  I had sleep studies, and an MRI, and a neurological test.  I was busy, to say the least.  Then when the first of January came around, noises are starting to surface that I may not have a job in a few months.  I don’t know that for certain, but of course, it has me terribly worried.  I haven’t worked in an office in 6 years, and I’m not so sure that employers are willing to hire a 47 year old single mom of a special needs child.  It’s not looking good.  So in January, I was reading everybody’s hopeful posts about what a great year 2010 was going to be, and the good things going on in their lives, and I was still in a very bad “bah humbug” mood.  I had no interest in posting anything, or focusing on anything good.

Until, one morning, I woke up and it dawned on me that I had had a Christmas miracle.  In 2008, my dentist discovered that I had a small growth on my tongue and had referred me to an oral surgeon.  The appointment was several months later, and by that time, the growth had disappeared.  The surgeon examined me and said he didn’t see anything, but that sometimes happens.  It was very common, and if it returned to come back and he would remove it.  Well, it came back, sometime around September or October, I think.  By Christmas, it had gotten a little bigger, not huge, but large enough that it was getting irritated by chewing food.  During the last two weeks before Christmas, I was taking care of my mother after her last surgery, and I was taking her out to eat a lot, so I was eating a lot more than I normally do.  Neither one of us felt up to doing anything special for Christmas dinner, so we found the Huddle House on Christmas night and had supper there.  I have to tell you, I was at the point where I almost could not eat because the place on my tongue was so sore, but I persevered eating my beef steak because I knew that was all I was going to get.

It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized that my mouth was no longer sore.  I rushed to the mirror to check it out, and sure enough, the growth was GONE.  I couldn’t believe it.  It took me a few minutes to think about when was the last time I had felt soreness, and it was Christmas night.  You know,  I really hadn’t been praying about it because it was the least of my concerns.  The surgeon had felt confident that it was not cancerous, that it was very common, and there was no rush to have it removed.  In fact, I was scheduled for the surgery during December, but decided to cancel due to my daughter’s and my mother’s surgeries.

God answers prayer in mysterious ways.  I’m still struggling with seeing a bright future for 2010, but I’m getting there.

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postheadericon I have problems, but I don’t
have “PROBLEMS”!


I have been worrying a lot lately about some financial issues that I have, and it’s been making me a little … well, moody, I guess is the right word to use.  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so I’m guessing that my blood pressure will be up a little, and I have a whole lot of aches and pains to complain about.  When I get in this state, I get so focused on the “worry” that I lose sight of everything else.  I spend time saying to God, “I’ve been faithful, why aren’t you here for me now?”  And my faith takes a nose dive.  I have given it over to God, but sometimes God doesn’t “answer” your prayer in the manner you expect.  Today, I received a message through a friend.  I received the following from my friend this morning and I am publishing it here with my friend’s permission.

“Across the street from where I work is a homeless center.  There are all types of people of every race and color imaginable that parade in and out of this small brick building.  Some of these people are ill, some seem to be on drugs and some are just down on their luck.  Every morning about 8:00 a bus from the local drug rehab center picks a load of people up and takes them for treatment.

I get to work about 7 and already a crowd is gathering.  One group seems to be the rehab folks, another group are the druggies who are looking for their daily handout.  Another group consists of young women who are shall we say “pros”.  Men drive by, negotiate and then take them for 10 min. “rides”.  It’s really a pitiful and sort of disgusting sight, but one I can do nothing about.

The group which really interests me though are the young mothers.  They are there every morning and hang around most of the day with their kids.  For about the last 5 weeks there has been a small group consisting of 3 white girls in their mid 20’s and 2 black girls about the same age.  Between them, there are about 8 kids ranging from about 2 up to about 5.  These young women and their kids are always clean, “courtesy of the Salvation Army where they sleep and get clothing” and are never involved in the antics of love for hire or the casual drug and alcohol use seen from time to time.  They watch their kids, they help each other and they just wait.  For what I don’t know but it’s sort of pitiful.

The children are mostly of mixed ethnicity and are quite energetic and playful.  There aren’t any swingsets or pools, just a dirty parking lot and some scraggly shade trees, but still they play and seem to have fun.  These people are there, rain or shine, 60 degrees or 90, it doesn’t matter.  They are doing their best, I guess, and trying to live their lives as best they can.

On Tuesday”s, the Health Care motor home shows up and checks the kids and their moms and anyone else who wanders in.  They also refer them to the Med if they need medical attention and I’ve seen them doling out Tylenol and such.  This seems to be the high point of their week.
The reason I’m telling you all this is because it struck me this morning that while you have problems you don’t have PROBLEMS.  You have a home, family, friends and a place for your child.  You also have a job, car and the ability to care for your child.  I guess what I’m trying to say is no matter how bad it seems it could always be much worse.”

A reminder, once again, that my situation is not as bad as I’m making it seem, and things could be oh so much worse.

I hope God has uplifted you in some way today, and if not, I pray that He will.


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