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postheadericon Ten Years Ago…. A Blog Dare Post


February 2002?…. not a great year for me.  🙁

Ten years ago, I was just recovering from my husband of almost 8 years walking out on me a few months before.  He just up and said one day, “I want to move out”, and I told him there’s the door.  He left that night.  I took it fairly well, I think.  No hysterics, no tears, no tantrums.  He probably deserved anything I threw at him, either objects or in words.  But I refrained myself.

I spent the year of 2002 working on my home.  Making sure it was kept clean, buying new furniture, working.  And keeping my estranged husband’s two dogs.  They were sweet dogs, but I worked all day and they were left alone in the house, so it really wasn’t working out.  I had to insist that he take them.  Ugh!  Custody issues over the dogs, just a bit much, lol.

Next, I worked on myself…  I had never had my hair colored before, so I did that.  I had never had a manicure before, so I did that.  I started wearing makeup again.


Ten years ago?  Maybe it was a good year, after all.

My “Day 1” of the 366 Days Blog Dare.

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