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I pledged to crochet 100+ items to donate to the NICU & PICU at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola and to the local hospital and charities in Northwest Florida.


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As of 4/24/06

Total Made:  237 items **Goal Reached**

16 Blankets/Afghans/Lapghans

90 Baby Hats/Troop Hats

23 Slippers/Booties

1 baby sweater

63 squares

2 baby bottle covers

2 dishcloths

4 burial buntings

AFH - 5 angels, 30 butterflies, 1 smiley



Works in Progress (WIP):  6 items



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I also crocheted for the following groups:

Operation Helping Hand - American Angels

Operation Helping Hand - American Angels Heroghans


Angels For Hope


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