Two lonely hearts beating out of time
When we met, your heartbeat matched mine.
In words to each other, We dared to confess,
Wonder and surprise that a true love so blessed
Has our hearts now and forever intertwined.
Our reason for living, for our souls to exist,
The promise of our future, So hard to resist.
In sunshine and in starlight, a life together,
Always in our heart, Today, tomorrow, forever.
In breathless anticipation of sealed with a kiss.
We share dreams and hopes, express joy and delight,
A lifetime between saying good morning and good night.
The language of love notes communicate honor and respect
And it brings to mind, a reason to connect
Bestowing a day of remembrance smiles and brilliant light.
Poems that have been read, the singing of words in a song,
Gives emphasis that we will always truly belong
One to another, seeing in the shining glow of our eyes
The reflection of the heavenly clouds and skies.
Another promise of a precious gift ever lifelong.
You write your vow of your life and love to me
In return, I'll share this walk with thee.
No more to dream of longing for love
Because you are the one I only think of.
With no better word to reflect on, than "we".

2007 Karen

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